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I am a Cinematographer & Visual Artist.  I have a Bachelor's degree in audiovisual communication with a minor in film. I have 20 years’ experience in Art and Audiovisual Industry: television, series, Video Art, Performances, films, advertising, documentaries.

9 years living in Finland I have been carrying out art projects linked to performance, theater and visual arts.

I have a strong professional knowledge and always high standards. I have a wide knowledge of film production, including camera lens choices, camera manipulation, lighting choices, set design, and various technological matters that affect the overall visual outcome in the film.


 Dedicated Visual Artist with a decorated background in a variety of artistic mediums. Adept at working independently and collaboratively on projects, and committed to achieving visual innovation and beauty. Bringing forth the ability to work well with others and utilize my art skills to visually enhance projects.

Since 2021 I am board member of Globe Art Point group of foreign born and Finnish artists and cultural workers with the aim of promoting and supporting the status and working conditions of artists and cultural professionals with a foreign background residing in Finland.

Most of my work experience has been in Chile, In different areas within the audiovisual industry. In Helsinki, I have been doing contract and freelancer projects for companies such as: Helsinki City, Meero, LUOMUS Finnish Museum of Natural History, Kulttuurikeskus Caisa, Kulttuurikeskus Ninho ry, Helsinki University, Aalto University, Kiasma Museum, Työväenopisto The Adult Education Centre of Helsinki, Bukowski Oy.


I am looking to expand my contact network in Helsinki, where my main purpose is to create work teams and professional exchange.

Cristian Medel

Cinematographer & Visual Artist.

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